X-ray Analysis

The x-ray analysis with X-ray spectrometer!

The X-ray analysis is the ultimative instrument to the analyse anything,

… not only precious metals!

Röntgenanalyse: Klicken Sie hier für die deutsche Version.

englishgermanYesterday test acids were, however, are one more …
This is free service! Recommendable for old golden jewellery.

With the x-ray analysis we can check your drinking water on heavy metals or other elements!

There are test acids for 900, 333, 585, 750 gold and for silver. There will be a testing line rub on a little slate and the acid will find the corresponding gold based alloy. The acid mustn’t attack the testing line of the gold based alloy. It is a sure and traditional method to determine and put in the customary jewelry alloyings at the gold purchase. This examination is a free service for you even if you don’t sell.
The testing acid is thought for the purchase by jewelry from customary alloyings, such as 585.

RFA Analyse, X-ray Analysis

Röntgenfluoreszenzanalyse, X-ray Analysi

X-ray Analysis

It concerns a liable to pay the costs service, which we likewise offer in our house.

The Roentgen analysis is recommendable for all precious metal alloys with unknown, or admitted fineness, in order to examine the gold content.
Roentgen fluorescence analysis calls itself the procedure for the accurate determination of the fineness and the composition of gold and platinum, which are present in the form of unknown alloys.

With unknown precious metal alloys we can determine the fineness directly at few minutes, in germany we say can tell you the goldpreis directley. With different material strengths it is necessary to drill a small test and melt it. Various different objects, like dental gold, should be homogenised first

If you don’t like to sell or you would like to receive only an analysis as a result this is no problem at all: You´ll get a protocol containing precious metals with the suitable fineness listed.

Beside this the analysis of precious metal alloys can determine and provide almost all elements of the periodic system if it is solid materials. The x-ray fluorescence analysis device is suitable for a very exact regulation of the chemical composition. The chemical elements which exist only in low concentrations can be also measured. An essential advantage is that it concerns a non destructive investigation method.

This method allows different applications and is particularly reliable, because the atomic species will be identified.

That this method of the research is simply the best is also confirmed by the fact that the NASA has even equipped the Mars-Robot „Curiosity“ with this technology to identify the composition of rocks and minerals on our neighbor planet the Mars.

Röntgenfluoreszenzanalyse Smaragd, x-ray emerald

RFA Smaragd, X-ray emerald

Regulation of precious stones with the X-ray fluorescence analysis (RFA)

The X-ray analysis is an very interesting possibility for the non destructive regulation of precious stones. Even setted at an jewel a precious stone can be checked.

With the radiograph fluorescence analysis (RFA) the genuineness can be confirmed of precious stones using reference curves (against small money). Difficulties following till now arise exactly from it: one engages a cost-intensive precious stone report to do the result sobering up that unfortunately, it only is a synthetic or false precious stone.

Many customers are asking: „Can´t you look at this and tell me what it is for a precious stone? You will have an assumption nevertheless!“ Also with a long-standing professional experience it is only possible to reach an assumption merely by the analysis of a precious stone with the magnifying glass and an assumption isn’t a real proof.

The x-ray analysis represents a favorable possibility to find out whether a genuine jewel is present or not. After confirmation of the authenticity by the RFA it can be thought about a jewel appraisal.
The illustration shows the function of an analysis – it was an green stone in a gold ring, with which it should concern to be an emerald. The yellow curve is the one which can be used to check jewel. The blue curve around it is the system deposited reference curve of Smaragd. The characteristic excursions are mainly from the intensity. Thus the proof is furnished that it is an emerald.
The procedure of the x-ray analysis made it possible to measure layer thickness, such as gold platings, even if they couldn’t be identified as it. Furthermore the strength can be measured which can be interesting if an product must be checked without destruction.

Me. Andreas Stratmann, Goldsmith Master, Gemstone testing laboratory, Berlin
Jewelery expert, Material analysis with X-ray fluorescence

Accredited in the Council of Experts, Central Association of the German goldsmiths, silversmiths and jewelers. Memberships: Gold and Silver Forging Guild, Chambers of Crafts, Industry and Commerce, Berlin

Systematic investigations of gemstones and diamonds with gemmological devices according to the rules of the CIBJO (International Association of Jewelery, Silverware, Diamonds, Pearls and Stones, also known as World Jewelry Confederation) and the rules of the IDC (International Diamond Council), as well as due diligence in the course of business.

我。 安德烈斯·斯特拉特曼
(玉)宝石  测试  实验室,柏林
珠宝专家  材料分析  与  X-射线荧光

在专家委员会认可   中央协会的德国金匠,银匠和珠宝商
会员:金银锻造公会,柏林    工艺品,柏林   柏林工商会

系统化,  结构化的  调查  的  宝石  和  钻石 与 宝石学  设备  根据  至  的  规则

参观杭州 a visit to Hangzhou

Beispiele zur systematischen Edelsteinbestimmung Examples for the systematic investigation of the gemstones 宝石系统调查的例子

Goldkristall kubisch

Goldkristall kubisch



The x-ray analysis as mineralogical research method

The non destructive roentgen analysis is suitable also for the investigation of particularly rare gold of crystals and goldnuggets, which may be damaged in no case, also not by finest scratches, since they would experience thereby a depreciation.

Investigations on 7 materials, if the precious metals are to be only determined for gold price regulation.

otherwise we recommend the Roentgen Analysis for investigation on 15 material adhering can up to a certain strength by means of thickness measurnment as such be identified.

The picture on the left side shows a rare gold crystal in octaedron form, on the right side a special Goldnugget with silver adhering.

Platinschmuck, Platin 950, Platindraht


Platinum price determine

You can deliver platinum to us not only as old jewels, even in any form.

We determine the platinum fineness immediately with a X-ray analysis device.

According to the determined purity of the present platinum alloy contained pure platinum is accounted for to the current rate.

(Purchase price: pure platinum 999.5, in various forms)

Zahngold gelb, Zahngold weiß, dental gold

Zahngold gelb und weiß, dental gold yellow and whit

Dental gold price determine

In particular with dental gold from grey and white gold alloys, it is already meaningful starting from smaller quantities from 50g to 100g upward,

sometimes may be better not to be afraid because of the analysis costs and to determine the fineness of the gold.

In yellow dental gold more pure gold is often included than in white alloys.

In grey gold alloys no gold is sometimes included because there is alloy only of a molybdenum.

However, grey dental gold is sometimes also very highly containing.

Was kann die RFA leisten? What can the X-Ray Analysis do?

Was kann die Röntgenanalyse leisten? What can the X-Ray Analysis do?

What can the X-ray fluorescence analysis do? Toys, textiles, colours, etc.

You have the impression that your child or you yourself, for example after the laundry of textiles, allergically reacts to a certain T-shirt?

Do you suspect pollutants in a particular toy? With the RFA analysis we can provide with certainty.

Also children´s jewellery could be contaminated with harmful amounts of lead and something else. A suitable report can be found here:  „giftwaregazette

The radiograph fluorescence analysis can state all elements (of ordinal number 13 – 17 to 92) of aluminium to uranium as a type of atom.

If your T-shirt or toys should be charged by heavy metals like lead, mercury or cadmium, a RFA analysis can provide here clarity.

Of course mass is the same possible with colours and other only conceivable objects and in certain also with liquids.

The radiograph analysis is further applied in the art in the archaeology like in other areas in which the material composition can be also for the age estimation of historical objects of importance.

Even some other kinds of scientists are using roentgen-fluoreszenz-analysis devices at laboratory.

X-ray Analysis, the roentgen spectrometer is nice tool to investigate anything, not only gold and silver, even gemstones, precious stones, colours and something eles. X-Ray will show you hidden elements like heavy metals which might be inside.

zertifizierte Standards, certified calibration standards for gold alloys

Kalibrierstandards, certified calibration standards for gold alloys

Goldschmiedemeister und Diamantgutachter

Goldschmiedemeister und verbandsgeprüfter Diamantgutachte

Quality control of the RFA analysis

To safeguard the quality of our radiograph fluorescence analysis, we make calibrations to certified calibrating standards in regular distances.
Execution of the analysis is made by trained staff.
Participation to continuing seminars to the materials analysis and layer-thickness measurement with radiograph fluorescence.

We attach much importance to quality at the company Goldschmiede Stratmann.

Therefore we check our device again and again and form continue regularly to do justice to heaviest demands.

Prüfbericht der Röntgenfluoreszenzanalyse, report of X-Ray Analysis

Prüfbericht der RFA, report of X-Ray Analysi

Costs for the X-ray analysis as of € 29,-

The costs for  this Service (to check Metalls and precious metals) starts with  80,00 € (for 1 – 2 pc.). The RFA is practicable immediately. If several objects have to be analysed, the costs of the radiograph fluorescence analysis will reduce to 29,00 €/pc from the third sample. For larger orders as of 10 samples we like to submit an offer to you. Of course you also get a written test protocol of your radiograph analysis.
With previous homogenization (several objects will be melted into a block of at most 400 g) and preparation of a specimen for the test  the costs of RFA starts with 250,00 €. We need 1-2 days for doing this because we do not melt immediately.

For gemstones it starts with 120,00 €.

Would you like live to experience as your gold will be melted?

Simply book one of our gold smithy courses to this! (workshop how to make jewels) Goldschmiedekurse = workshop how to make jewels

You find our address together with directions sketch in the  Impressum/imprint

You find our current gold prices and of course also the price of platinum on the Startseite/ initial page.

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RFA Prinzip, origin of the X-ray fluorescence

Entstehung der Röntgenfluoreszenz, origin of the X-ray fluorescence

The functionality of the X-ray Analysis

Das Messergebnis der Röntgenanalyse mit Feingoldbarren, Evaluation of the measuring result of the X-ray analysis

Auswertung des Messergebnisses der Röntgenanalyse, Evaluation of the measuring result of the X-ray analysis

At the end still a short explanation to the functionality of the X-ray analysis and the question what is fluorescence radiation.

From the school hours still the periodic system that of the elements has maybe remained in the recollection in which all chemical elements are listed after ordinals.

A nuclear kind corresponds to every chemical element. The atomic nucleus is circled on different bowls by electrons.

Now in the X-ray analysis device a primary X-ray radiation is generated which stimulates atoms of the test material and virtually hits an electron from the internal K scarfs.

So originated gap it is filled in by an electron of the next bowl. While moving up the electron in the internal bowl there originates the X-ray fluorescence radiation.

This radiation is typical for every element (differently) and is able of the corresponding ones
Similarly as light in a prism into the spectral colors, the fluoreszenz- radiation in the x-ray spectrometer, reflected by the sample, is fanned out by the Roentgen detector is caught and evaluated.
The energy of the fluorescence lines allows an identification of the elements and about the intensity of the fluorescence the amount can be determined.

Here still another short explanation of the terms:

X-ray spectrometer: The analyzer
Roentgen analysis: means the method of analysis, whose correct designation is the x-ray analysis, which is shortened again with RFA.
Function mode of Roentgen fluorescence equipment.
X-ray tube: Here the primary x-ray is produced by acceleration by electrons from the cathode for the anode.
Primary filter: Modification of primary radiation
Shutter: Catch and safety device
Screen, gunsight: Serves for the delimitation of the measuring point
Roentgen detector: the signal of Roentgen fluorescence measures and converts it into a spectrum. Therefore the Roentgen analysis is also often called the equipment x-ray spectrometer.
Computer: By means of appropriate software the spectrum will become evaluated and the result values computed.

X-ray Analysis, Post Scriptum:

I have myself for the goldsmiths Stratmann with respect to radiograph analysis for the company Helmut Fischer institute for measuring technique made strongly because precision is at a topmost place there. I regard radiograph spectrometers as a hand apparatus as the gold price inquiry sooner than unsuitable to which find area by means of tripod also as a stationary equipment application in the gold purchase. A „radiograph pistol“ can put a dangerous X radiation freely (in my inconsequential opinion), I therefore really regard an application in closed rooms into presence of customers and employees as rather dubious, furthermore I also dare this one in this place to make required precision and demands on a radiograph analysis there in question in the laboratory. I rather award her raison d´ être to this equipment in the industrial outside area and on construction sites to check on a railroad freight car, for example whether it himself actual around the one of the supplier. The radiograph analytical instrument will as well be able to carry out good jobs in form of a radiograph pistol on the construction site. I regard rather suitable as the radiograph fluorescence analysis a stationary radiograph spectrometer the company Helmut Fischer institute for measuring technique as better to investigate such as the gold price anyway to, however, take care of exact measurement tasks.

Andreas Stratmann, Goldschmiedemeister, verbandsgeprüfter Diamantgutachter
goldsmith master, association checked diamond expert

Jewelery Goldsmiths Stratmann

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