golden alloys

Golden alloys

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Sometimes the question positions itself what is 585gold, for example, or what means 18K?
In Germany the fineness of the golden alloy is given in thousand parts. The name 585 gold for example, means, from 1000 grammes 585th gold, 585 g of pure gold are, remaining 415 g are primarily silver, copper and other additional metals.
585 gold is a golden alloy and the addition 585 before the word Gold describes the fine gold – portion in pure gold.
That´s importand to calculate the goldprice which one we call goldpreis on german.
Gold is alloyed with silver and copper, because pure gold (fine gold) is too soft for the jewellery production. Because also for cost reasons 585 gold is liked very much, one finds this golden alloy very frequent at germany.
Earlier the information of the fineness was also usual with us in Karat. Also today one finds just on pieces of jewellery which were brought from the vacation two-digit stamps, as for example 18K. The K is for Karat. Below you find Karat – conversion table. You should not mistake the information Karat with big K for the carat weight of precious stones and diamonds. Here the carat weight is given in metrical carat in ct.

Karat: (Gold)

24    Karat = 999,9

22    Karat = 916

21,6 Karat = 900

21    Karat = 875

20    Karat = 835

18    Karat = 750

14    Karat = 585

9    Karat = 375

8    Karat = 333
On old silverware, cutlery, sometimes you will find stamps like Lot which means plumb line. So fine silver (pure silver) corresponds to a fineness of 1000/1000 to 16 plumb lines.

Lot: (silver)

15 Lot = 937,5

14 Lot = 875

13 Lot = 812,5

12 Lot = 750

10 Lot = 650
One can find with old silver cutlery, for example, also a two-digit stamp . On this occasion, it concerns fineness of the silver in Zolotnik . Silver with the stamp 84 corresponds to 875/000th silver as sample.

Zolotnik: (silver)

56 Zolotnik = 585

72 Zolotniki = 750

84 Zolotniki = 875

88 Zolotniki = 916

92 Zolotniki = 958

96 Zolotniki = 1000

weight of precious stones: metric carat

1 ct = 0,2 g

Gold weight

in germany we calculate the goldpreis in euro per gramme. In other countries gold is calculated in dollar per ounce. Since some time the outdated declaration of the weight which calls „Grain“ also appears sometimes, we leave the purpose here once there put. Grain and gramme should be mistaken by no means with each other.


With ourselves in Germany we calculate the goldpreis in € per gramme. 1000 grammes = 1 kg


In other countries gold is calculated in dollar per ounce. The word Ounce is descended from the Latin word uncia and means 1 / 12tel. Is meant here the chemists Unze. 1 ounce = 31.1 g

Grain :

Here it concerns around an outdated, in Germany unusual unit of weight. The word Grain comes from the Latin word granum , the grain.
1 english ones Grain = 64.79 milligrammes = 0.06 grammes
Or differently around, 1 gramme corresponds approx. 15.4 Grain.

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