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Question: What do the numbers 585, 750 mean and what is refined gold?
Answer: 333 = 8 carat, 585 = 14 K, 750 = 18 K, 999,9 ( refined gold ) = 24 carat.
Also see the following link: the alloyings in the jewellery area

Question: Why platinum is only just as much value like gold?
Answer: By the financial crisis the precious metals platinum and silver have strongly sunk what is due to the fact that platinum is, primarily, an industrial metal which finds use in the automobile industry in catalysts. While the golden price has risen, the platinum price had to accept nearly one halving. Through this it comes that the golden price lies in proportion to the platinum price almost at the same level.

Question: Will the goldpreis rise even further?
Answer: Unfortunately, nobody can answer this question to you with certainty. Many analysts believe that the golden price will rise in the long term (10 years or more). Nevertheless, one should think that golden price is at the moment at an unprecedented, extremely high level and it can come any time for course burglaries.
To make clear how rare is gold, one should make clear himself that all gold which was one day promoted fits in a cube of 20-m edge length. This fact speaks, actually, for itself by which an in the long term rising golden price cannot be excluded. However, this is purely speculative everything.

Question: Do I really get so much money, how is indicated on this web page?
Answer: Yes, you receive the gold price, to that on this web page indicated are disbursed. No hidden costs are inserted. Please note with your appointment that the gold price is daily updated. Thereby it comes naturally to fluctuations from day to day.

Question: Where can I find the company Goldschmiede Stratmann?
Answer: Under the linking imprint (on german) you receive the address including to a map.

Question: Do I have to agree an appointment?
Answer: Because we pursue a goldsmith’s workshop and don´t make only buisiness with the purchase of gold trading, an appointment will be niceley. If you call us in the morning early, we usually still agree upon a date on the same day.

Question: I would like to sell with pleasure silver cutlery. To which stamps or marks I must pay attention?
Answer: If you find the stamps 90 or 100, on silver cutlery, it concerns silvered objects, it´s silver plated.
Our newest services: Recently we also buy your silver plated cutlery.
On real silver cutlery mostly you can find the stamp 800.
Please note about knifes: just the booklets made of silver, the blade mostley fixed by tin or cement and the grip is filled by cement or sand.
We can´t remove blades from knives directley , hence, experience values are included for this.

Question: How works the golden calculator function? In my old gold are still the precious stones whose weight I do not know.
Answer: If you visit us personally to sell your old gold, we remove bigger stones in your presence immediately not to falsify while weighing out the weight. Smaller stones remain in the old gold. For this suitable experience values are brought in deduction. With a ring with some small stones are this approx. 0.5 g.
Hence, the following recommendation arises to the calculation:
1. Sort your old gold according to alloys (333 gold, 585gold, etc. ).
2. Weigh the old gold and bring at its own discretion according to some grammes for the stones, which are setted at your ol jewels in the respective golden alloy in deduction.
3. Carry now the ascertained weights on the suitable golden alloys (333 gold, 585 gold, etc. ) one and can be calculated the payment amount. The golden price, we call it goldpreis in germany, will be shown to you. Then you will see the payment amount.

Question: What is with the diamonds in my jewellery?
Answer: If you visit us personally to sell your old gold, you can decide whether you like to sell the diamonds from a diameter of 3 mm. If not, we catch the diamonds (as far as possible) from old jewels and you take back at home again your diamonds.
Very small diamonds with a diameter of less than 3 mm cannot be considered with the purchase of old gold from cost reasons unfortunately, since removing of many small stones is time intensive and cannot be accomplished free of charge. The costs of removing would exceed proceeds from the gold purchase usually.

Question: I have dental gold, but there are still rests of the tooth and ceramics. How shall I weigh my tooth gold?
Answer: According to experience teeth and ceramics approx. 30% of the weight from all. Weigh the dental gold and bring one third in deduction. You put down the weight then accordingly with dental gold yellow on our Goldrechner, golden calculator , which is on german, dental gold calls Zahngold.

Locate our actual prices of gold buying from the home startseite, home page. Here naturally find also the platinum price and our purchase price for silver.

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You find further information about our goldsmiths company „Goldschmiede Stratmann“ under www.berlinerschmuck.de

We have established a „virtual workshop tour“ there for you which generally is very interesting.

Besides all gold works we offer:

-Gold platings

-Engravings of every kind: Hand engravings, machine-made engravings also CNC

-Precious stones take hold plus

-Mike welds finest weldings also directly next to sensitive objects

-Analyses, reports,

-Gold smithy courses, workshops

-Purchase of gold, noble metals and diamonds (we will tell you the goldpreis for your jewels promptley).

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